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At the announcement of the national lockdown, many companies acted quickly to set up teams remotely. But in all the haste, many did not ensure the necessary security measures were in place and, according to research, attackers are aware of this oversight.

Tech Company CEO Sean Hackett warns of the increasing dangers to which companies with remote workforces are vulnerable. “Since the start of lockdown, we have noted a 50% increase in cyberattacks aimed at our clients,” said Hackett. “Incidents of phishing and ransomware attacks continue to rise as remote workforces are more vulnerable than ever.”

According to research by Sophos, an industry leader in IT security, attackers are changing their tactics and taking full advantage of the weakened security in most remote or hybrid working situations. Add to that the recent finding by Gartner that shows an increase of 300% year on year in ransomware, malware and targeted phishing attacks that pose a severe risk to business, and the IT security landscape is seen to be a battleground.

“Companies should be aware of the increased danger posed by remote working and take proactive action to ensure the safety and security of their infrastructures,” advised Hackett. One such proactive approach is Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Detection and Response, which combines endpoint and server protection. Intercept X EDR uses deep-learning technology to detect even unknown malware as well as endpoint detection and response which enables adversary detection to stop threats before they start. This, combined with anti-ransomware and exploit prevention, ensures that threats are stopped before they can cause damage.“You are only as secure as your weakest link and the majority of businesses  aren’t even aware of security threats until it’s too late,” said Hackett, who was recently with a client who experienced a phishing attack through an unsecured device. “In many cases, an unsecured laptop means vulnerable servers, databases and sensitive company information.

Acclaimed solution

The Tech Company is a Sophos services partner and offers the company’s acclaimed cloud-based security solution. The software provides proactive, cloud-based protection using AI and deep learning to detect, mitigate and protect end users and server infrastructure from real-time threats. According to Sophos research, “human intelligence and response are critical security components to detecting and neutralising early indicators that an attack is underway”. For this reason, the Tech Company offers the software as a self-managed resource and also provides fully managed or co-managed solutions as a part of its Techsecure suite of services to ensure fast and effective implementation, solution optimisation and proactive response.


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Author: Chanay du Plessis

Date: 27 August 2020