Why we are Unhappy with many Other MSP’s and you Should be too

22 October 2020

At the Tech Company we have seen time and time again how a Managed Services Partner’s effectiveness or lack thereof can severely affect businesses. We have met many clients who came to us after experiencing struggles with inflated costs, tardy response times and negligence that led to cybersecurity breaches and network failures.


As a company that is run with client’s best interests at heart, we pride ourselves on our dedicated account management so we are constantly frustrated with impersonal and indifferent service providers who leave clients in the lurch. 

We are passionate about solutions that work and it can be frustrating to witness the struggles that many businesses face when their needs go unmet, in many cases, companies are unaware of the extent to which their infrastructure is decaying while their pockets are being emptied. 


In response to blatant overcharging for fixed resources, we have spent time working on ways to provide our client with solutions that are scalable and cut out unnecessary costs. Many of our new clients are surprised to find that we offer customised infrastructure solutions which are designed to suit their exact needs and save on unnecessary spending. 


Many other IT managed services providers have become reactive and their lack of proactive action results in a lower first-time fix rate and overall leaves infrastructures vulnerable, dating, and unprepared for potential disasters. We are driven to deliver proactive solutions that address problems and prepare for times of crises before they arrive. We are relentless in our pursuit of the best service providers and training because we realize the trust that our clients place in us to prepare them for what awaits around the bend. Ensuring that we remain up to date with the latest that technology and training have to offer means that we don’t break that trust. 


Don’t settle. Try us. 

The Tech Company will offer you simple, affordable, fast and secure managed IT services and you can hold us to it.