Microsoft 365 Hardening 

We are concerned about the security threats targeting your Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange. Are you?

9 November 2020

Most of us know Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange as the industry standard and it is trusted by businesses around the world. Its integration of Office application licensing, OneDrive and value add applications enables efficient, integrated and reliable services. 

The catch is, unfortunately, as the popularity of Microsoft Exchange grows so does the list of threats targeting the weak default configuration it is most often operated with. This popular default setup has become immensely vulnerable to hacks, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks which are incessant and ever-evolving.

Before you lose sleep wondering how you will defend your Microsoft 365 from the aggressive litany of these attacks – This is where The Tech Company and our value-added services come in.

As a value add to our customers we offer:
Microsoft 365 Hardening – Enhancement to ensure your Microsoft 365 Security Score is checked, enhanced and improved by means of rigid security policies, hardening of passwords, 2-factor authentication and several other expert changes to ensure exposure to threats is eliminated daily.

If you are an entity with an in-house resource or outsource partner this Microsoft 365 Hardening is essential for you to prevent information leaks, financial losses and reputation damage. 


Engage us for a free assessment of how we can secure the heart of your email communications and data integrity.

TechSecure – Microsoft 365 Hardening